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ILLUSION TRAVELS BY STREETCAR (1954) * with switchable English subtitles *

Luis Buñuel Writers: Mauricio de la Serna (story), José Revueltas Lilia Prado ... Lupita Carlos Navarro Carlos Navarro ... Juan Godínez 'Caireles' Fernando Soto Fernando Soto ... Tobías Hernández 'Tarrajas' (as Fernando Soto 'Mantequilla') Agustín Isunza Agustín Isunza ... Papá Pinillos Miguel Manzano Miguel Manzano ... Don Manuel Guillermo Bravo Sosa Guillermo Bravo Sosa ... Don Braulio José Pidal José Pidal ... El Profesor Felipe Montoya Felipe Montoya ... Jefe del taller Javier de la Parra Javier de la Parra ... Pablo Paz Villegas Paz Villegas ... Doña Mechita Conchita Gentil Arcos Conchita Gentil Arcos ... Pasajera con santo Diana Ochoa Diana Ochoa ... Maestra del internado Víctor Alcocer Víctor Alcocer ... Acaparador de maíz

Mexico, the 1950s:  Streetcar mechanic Juan Godinez and conductor Tarrajas become upset when they're informed by their supervisor that streetcar number 133 will be decommissioned. They go to a party late one night, get drunk and decide to borrow the streetcar for one last spin, without charging the passengers. Completely wasted, they sleep off their binge on the streetcar, only to discover the next morning, that they keep getting into bizarre situations as they try to return the vehicle back to its garage.

DVD-R is in Spanish with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 81 min. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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