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THE GOLDEN CLOWN (Klovnen) (1926)

Poul Knudsen, A.W. Sandberg; Gösta Ekman ... Joe Higgins Karina Bell Karina Bell ... Daisy Maurice de Féraudy Maurice de Féraudy ... Circusdirector James Bunding Robert Schmidt Robert Schmidt ... Marcel Phillipe Kate Fabian Kate Fabian ... Graciella Karen Caspersen Karen Caspersen Mathilde Nielsen Mathilde Nielsen Jacoba Jessen Jacoba Jessen Holger Pedersen Holger Pedersen Eric Bertner Eric Bertner ... Pierre Beaumont Peter Nielsen Peter Nielsen Henry Seemann Henry Seemann Philip Bech Philip Bech Edmonde Guy Edmonde Guy ... Lilian Delrme Ernst Van Duren Ernst Van Duren

Joe, a circus clown, has a chance meeting with a famous French fashion designer, who – enthralled by Joe’s artistic talent – gets him a job in Paris. He quickly becomes the talk of the town, but as we know, wealth and happiness do not always go hand in hand, as opulent big-city living tragically seals the poor clown’s fate.

DVD-R has both Danish and English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 128 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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