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2 DVD SET: DIE NIBELUNGEN (1924) * with English intertitles *

Fritz Lang, Paul Richter, Margarete Schön and Theodor Loos

DIE NIBELUNGEN  (1924):   

Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

The title character Siegfried masters the art of forging a sword at the shop of Mime.  On a journey home, Siegfried hears tales of Kriemhild, the princess of Burgundy.  En route to Burgundy, Siegfried slays the dragon Fafnir, and bathes in his blood.  This makes him invulnerable to attack — except for one spot on his shoulder blade which is missed after being covered by a falling leaf.  Soon after, the powerful Siegfried encounters and defeats Alberich, King of the Dwarves, and obtains an invisibility cap.  After finding the treasure of the dwarfs, Siegfried arrives in Burgundy.  Siegfried wins the love of the beautiful princess Kriemhild, but cannot marry her until he has helped Kriemhild's brother, King Gunther, to marry Queen Brunhilde.  With Siegfried's help, Gunther beats the powerful Queen in a battle of strength and wins her as his wife, while Siegfried weds Kriemhild.  After finding out about Siegfried's role, Brunhild plots to have him killed; she makes up lies about him to the King and Gunther's uncle, Hagen von Tronje, finding Siegfried's weak spot, pierces it with a spear.  After confessing her lies, Brunhilde kills herself.

Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache

Kriemhild vows to avenge her murdered husband, as her brother is too weak to bring the murderer, Hagen, to justice.  In a marriage-of-state, she marries Etzel, King of the Huns.  At the wedding feast, she imprisons the Burgundian guests and orders them to kill Hagen, who is among them, to obtain freedom.  They refuse and defend the place they are staying in against the assaults sent by Kriemhild until all are dead. 

DVD-R HAS A TOTAL TIME OF  246 minutes.  Silent film with English intertitles.

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