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LEAVES FROM SATAN'S BOOK (Blade af Satans bog) (1920) * with switchable English subtitles *

Carl Theodor Dreyer (as Carl Th. Dreyer) Writers: Edgar Høyer (scenario by), Marie Corelli Helge Nissen ... Satan / The Grand Inquisitor / Erneste / Ivan Halvard Hoff Halvard Hoff ... Jesus (first sequence) Jacob Texiere Jacob Texiere ... Judas (first sequence) (as Jacob Texière) Hallander Helleman Hallander Helleman ... Don Gomez de Castro (second sequence) Ebon Strandin Ebon Strandin ... Isabel - Castro's Daughter (second sequence) Johannes Meyer Johannes Meyer ... Don Fernandez (second sequence) Nalle Halden Nalle Halden ... The Majordomo (second sequence) (as Nalle Haldén) Tenna Kraft Tenna Kraft ... Marie Antoinette (third sequence) (as Tenna Frederiksen Kraft) Viggo Wiehe Viggo Wiehe ... Count de Chambord (third sequence) Emma Wiehe Emma Wiehe ... The Countess of Chambord (third sequence) Jeanne Tramcourt Jeanne Tramcourt ... Lady Genevive de Chambord (third sequence) Hugo Bruun Hugo Bruun ... Count Manuel (third sequence) Elith Pio Elith Pio ... Joseph (third sequence) Emil Helsengreen Emil Helsengreen ... The People's Commissar (third sequence) Viggo Lindstrøm Viggo Lindstrøm ... Old Pitou (third sequence)

Carl Theodor Dreyer's four-episode historical epic with each story told end to end, anthology-style, linked by theme to the others. The unifying character, Satan, attempts to win God's favor, but is doomed to cheerless participation in dark episodes of human history: the temptation of Jesus, the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution and the Russo-Finnish war of 1918. 

DVD-R has Danish intertitles with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 157 min.  See film sample for audio and video quality! 

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