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ATLANTIS (1913) * with switchable Spanish subtitles and English intertitles *

August Blom Writers: Axel Garde, Gerhart Hauptmann Olaf Fønss ... Dr. Friedrich von Kammacher Ida Orloff Ida Orloff ... Ingigerd Hahlstroem - artistic dancer Ebba Thomsen Ebba Thomsen ... Eva Burns Carl Lauritzen Carl Lauritzen ... Dr. Schmidt Alma Hinding Alma Hinding ... Angèle von Kammacher Marie Dinesen Marie Dinesen ... Friedrich's mother Frederik Jacobsen Frederik Jacobsen ... Dr. Georg Rasmussen Charles Unthan Charles Unthan ... Arthur Stoss - armless man Torben Meyer Torben Meyer ... Willy Snyders - artist Cajus Bruun Cajus Bruun ... Friedrich's father Michael Curtiz Michael Curtiz ... Hans Fuellenberg - Friedrich's college pal (as Mihály Kertész) Svend Kornbeck Svend Kornbeck ... Ship's captain Christian Schrøder Christian Schrøder ... Herr Hahlstroem Vera Esbøll Vera Esbøll ... Russian Jewish girl

Dr. Fred V. Kammacher, a young physician living a short distance from Berlin, has been disappointed in his bacteriological researches and to add to his mental and physical distress, his wife, Angele, develops symptoms of being deranged. The couple are the fond parents of three children and when Dr. Rasmussen, the family physician advises that Angele be taken to a sanatorium, Kammacher is near having a breakdown. He reluctantly consents to the pleadings of his mother to seek rest away from his home and makes his first sojourn in Berlin. While there, he accepts an invitation from an old friend to attend a matinee performance, at which Miss Ingegerd Halstrom, a famous danseuse, appears in her latest creation, "The Dance of the Spider." Kammacher falls under her charm and is introduced to her by her father after the performance. But he is disillusioned when he finds her bestowing her attention indiscriminately upon the gallants who surround her. He leaves in disgust and upon later receiving ill tidings from home, departs for Southampton, where he engages passage on the liner "Roland," bound for America. Through a curious twist of fate, Ingegerd and her father have taken passage on the same steamship and Dr. Kammacher, upon the renewal of their acquaintance, finds himself more closely attracted to the young dancer. Dr. Kammacher is sorely puzzled over the whimsical nature of Ingegerd and during one of his troubled slumbers, dreams that he has landed on the island of Atlantis, the mythical realm which, according to the ancient Greeks, disappeared under the crest of the sea, only to resume its activities on the sands at the bottom of Neptune's domain. 

DVD-R has Danish and English intertitles with switchable Spanish subtitles. Approx. 113 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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