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King Vidor Writers: Rafael Sabatini (novel), Dorothy Farnum John Gilbert ... Marquis Christian de Bardelys Eleanor Boardman Eleanor Boardman ... Roxalanne de Lavedan Roy D'Arcy Roy D'Arcy ... Comte de Chatellerault Lionel Belmore Lionel Belmore ... Vicomte de Lavedan Emily Fitzroy Emily Fitzroy ... Vicomtesse de Lavedan George K. Arthur George K. Arthur ... Chevalier de Saint Eustache Arthur Lubin Arthur Lubin ... King Louis XIII Theodore von Eltz Theodore von Eltz ... René de Lesperon Karl Dane Karl Dane ... Rodenard Edward Connelly Edward Connelly ... Cardinal Richelieu Fred Malatesta Fred Malatesta ... Castelrous John T. Murray John T. Murray ... Lafosse Joe Smith Marba Joe Smith Marba ... Innkeeper (as Joseph Marba) Daniel G. Tomlinson Daniel G. Tomlinson ... Sergeant of Dragoons Emile Chautard Emile Chautard ... Anatol

In the court of French king Louis XIII, a courtier named Bardelys carries with him a grand reputation as an irresistible ladies' man. When another figure in the court, Chatellerault, fails to win the hand of the beautiful Roxalanne (whose family fortune the king wishes to bring under his control), Bardelys suggests that he could win the young woman's hand. Thus a bet is made, and Bardelys embarks on the pursuit of Roxalanne and her fortune. But intrigue and mistaken identity lead Bardelys into grave danger.

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 89 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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