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FABIOLA (1949) * with switchable English subtitles *

Nicholas Patrick Wiseman (novel), Alessandro Blasetti Michèle Morgan ... Fabiola Henri Vidal Henri Vidal ... Rhual Michel Simon Michel Simon ... Senator Fabius Severus Louis Salou Louis Salou ... Fulvius Petronius Elisa Cegani Elisa Cegani ... Sira Massimo Girotti Massimo Girotti ... Sebastian Gino Cervi Gino Cervi ... Quadratus Sergio Tofano Sergio Tofano ... Luciano Rina Morelli Rina Morelli ... Faustina Paolo Stoppa Paolo Stoppa ... Proconsul Manlius Valerian Carlo Ninchi Carlo Ninchi ... Galba Franco Interlenghi Franco Interlenghi ... Corvino Guglielmo Barnabò Guglielmo Barnabò ... Antoniano Leto Aldo Silvani Aldo Silvani ... Cassiano Silvana Jachino Silvana Jachino ... Lucilla

312 AD. Rhual, a young and athletic Gaul, is invited to take part in the gladiator games at the seaside villa of Senator Fabius Severus, near Rome. Secretly, Rhual is an agent of Emperor Constantine, who wishes to establish Christianity in the Roman Empire, and Fabius is leading a movement for religious tolerance and the freeing of slaves. In the villa gardens, Rhual meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl, whom he later discovers to be Fabiola, the senator's daughter. Fabius is murdered during the night by reactionary politicians opposed to Christianity, and the Christians are blamed for the murder. Fabiola suspects Rhual to be one of the Christian assassins, but at the trial, she appears for his defense. However, the Christians, together with Rhual, are found guilty and sentenced to death in the arena. 

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 155 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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