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Alberto De Martino Writers: Alberto De Martino, Roberto Gianviti Stars: Dan Vadis, Marilù Tolo, Pierre Cressoy

Milo uccide il re di Micene per poter prendere il suo posto. La principessa Ati, figlia del defunto re viene falsamente informata da Milo che i colpevoli dell'assassinio sono gli amici del vecchio re. Gli amici, calunniati, chiamano Ercole per potersi difendere, il muscoloso eroe dopo molteplici avventure riesce ad uccidere Milo e a sposare Ati e a far tornare la pace a Micene.

Hercules is called upon to fight seven golden giants summoned by the Dagger of Jae, sister of Juno (Hera), who dislikes Hercules "for certain family reasons." Hercules also fights to protect his princess love, but matters are complicated by her evil relative Milo, who has murdered her father the king but has tricked her into thinking it was someone else because she trusts him too much. Milo tricks Hercules into killing his friend, for which he is punished by his father Jove (Jupiter/Zeus) who takes away his enormous strength, because he has misused it. Milo is conspiring with his sorceress mother to take the throne for himself. Now only as strong as a mortal man, Hercules is overpowered when he tries to rescue the princess Ate (pronounced Ah-tay) from Milo and is then accused of being a fraud. Milo tries to kill both Hercules and Ate by chaining them to a giant wooden lever with spikes, complete with a cage over Hercules which he must support while rocks are piled on him: if he can hold it up, then he will prove himself the true Hercules (which he is) but if not, then he will be guilty and he and Ate will die together for conspiring to steal the throne and give it to an imposter. 

DVD-R IS DUBBED INTO ENGLISH.  APPROX.  74 MINS.  See film sample for audio and video quality.

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