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Directed by Carlo Campogalliani Written by Giuseppe Mangione Giuliano Carnimeo Sergio Sollima Produced by Italo Zingarelli Ed Fury as Ursus Mary Marlon as Doreide, the blind girl Moira Orfei as Queen Attea Cristina Gaioni as Magali Luis Prendes as Setas Rafael Luis Calvo as Mok Mario Scaccia as Kymos Mariangela Giordano as Myriam Nino Fuscagni as Carovaniere Soledad Miranda as Fillide, the virgin Antonio Gil as Adelfo

To defend his countrymen, mighty Ursus goes off to war in a foreign land, a war that will last several years. Victorious, he returns home planning to marry his fiancée Attea, only to learn that she has been kidnapped in his absence by a bizarre religious cult living on a far-off island. Ursus enlists the aid of a young blind slave girl, Doreide, whom he used to know as a child, and together they embark on a quest to look for and rescue his lost Attea (well, he'll be looking for her, at least). Unbeknownst to Ursus, Doreide is in love with him, but doesn't let Ursus know, since she feels he will only be happy if he is reunited with Attea. After overcoming various villains, who don't want him to locate the cult's island base, Ursus and Doreide finally arrive on the island, only to be captured by the villians, led by their masked queen, an evil woman who orders the sacrifice of virgins to her satanic bull-god. Okaaay. 

(My favorite line from the film:  "Is she blind?" "Yes, but she sees well enough, when she wants to".)

DVD-R is available in in dubbed English with no subtitles. Approx. 84 mins.

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