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THE SARACENS (Il pirata del diavolo) (1963) * with English and Italian audio tracks *

Mario Colucci, Roberto Mauri Richard Harrison ... Marco Trevisan Walter Brandi Walter Brandi ... Ranieri Annamaria Ubaldi Annamaria Ubaldi ... Alina Gino Turini Gino Turini ... Count Trevisan (as John Turner) Maretta Procaccini Maretta Procaccini ... The Child Lorenzo Artale Lorenzo Artale ... Giovanni Anita Todesco Anita Todesco ... Zoraide Liana Dori Liana Dori ... Velia Lilly Landers Lilly Landers ... Caterina Demeter Bitenc Demeter Bitenc ... Rabaneck Luigi Batzella Luigi Batzella ... Mahmud (as Paolo Solvay)

Marco Trevisan returns to his hometown hoping to be greeted with a welcoming party, but is instead attacked and captured by Turkish pirates led by the brutal Rabanek. Bummer!

DVD-R has both Italian and English audio tracks with no subtitles. Approx. 85 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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