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ALONE AGAINST ROME (Solo contro Roma) (1962)

Luciano Ricci (as Herbert Wise), Riccardo Freda Writers: Gianni Astolfi, Ernesto Gastaldi (as Gastad Green) Lang Jeffries ... Brenno (as Jeffrey Lang) Rossana Podestà Rossana Podestà ... Fabiola Philippe Leroy Philippe Leroy ... Silla Gabriele Tinti Gabriele Tinti ... Goruk Luciana Angiolillo Luciana Angiolillo ... Saron's Servant Renato Terra Renato Terra ... Gladiator Trainer Goffredo Unger Goffredo Unger ... (as Frederico Hunger) Angelo Bastianoni Angelo Bastianoni Rinaldo Zamperla Rinaldo Zamperla ... Light Blond Prisoner Djordje Nenadovic Djordje Nenadovic ... Centurio Caius Giancarlo Bastianoni Giancarlo Bastianoni ... Darker Blond Prisoner Alfredo Danesi Alfredo Danesi Franco Nonibasti Franco Nonibasti

A Roman consul, on his way to fight a border war, stations a garrison of soldiers in a provincial town. The townspeople aren't happy with the situation, but decide it's in their best interest to cooperate. However, the tribune left in charge of the garrison proves to be cruel and demanding. He takes over a house for his own use and forces his attentions on Fabiola, the owner's daughter. She reluctantly submits, in order to protect the life of her lover, Brenno, who's already been publicly whipped and who's been hauled off to the local arena to provide sport for Roman gladiators. Soon, Brenno and Fabiola's brother are organizing a resistance, which will put an end to the tribune's reign of tyranny.

DVD-R is in dubbed English with no subtitles.  Approx. 89 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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