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ANTIGONE (1961) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Yorgos Tzavellas (as George Tzavellas) Writers: Sophocles (play), Yorgos Tzavellas Irene Papas ... Antigone Manos Katrakis Manos Katrakis ... Creon Maro Kodou Maro Kodou ... Ismene Nikos Kazis Nikos Kazis ... Haemon Ilia Livykou Ilia Livykou ... Eurydice Giannis Argyris Giannis Argyris ... A Sentry Byron Pallis Byron Pallis ... A Messenger Tzavalas Karousos Tzavalas Karousos ... Tieresias Thodoros Moridis Thodoros Moridis ... First Elder of Thebes Giorgos Vlahopoulos Giorgos Vlahopoulos ... Elder of Thebes Yorgos Karetas Yorgos Karetas ... Elder of Thebes Thanasis Kefalopoulos Thanasis Kefalopoulos ... Elder of Thebes H. Bourgatzas H. Bourgatzas ... Elder of Thebes I. Garifalidis I. Garifalidis ... Elder of Thebes A. Kakoulidis A. Kakoulidis ... Elder of Thebes

In ancient Thebes, King Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother, Jocasta. She has two sons - Eteocles and Polynieces - and two daughters - Ismene and Antigone. King Oedipus dies a beggar in exile after gouging out his own eyes and Eteocles agrees to reign in Thebes in alternating years with Polynieces. However, Eteocles refuses to resign after the first year and Polynieces is exiled. Polynieces raises an army and attacks Thebes, during which the two brothers kill each other. Crean, the new ruler of Thebes, Creon decrees Eteocles should have an honorable burial while the body of the traitor Polynieces should be left on the battlefield to be eaten by jackals and vultures. However, Antigone, who was betrothed to Creon's surviving son Haemon, defies Creon's orders and buries her brother. When Creon is told what Antigone has done, we soon see what is meant by a "Greek tragedy".

DVD-R is in Greek with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 82 min.  See film sample for audio and video quality! 

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