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Zarah Leander, Friedrich Domin and Gustav Knuth, Paul Martin

Engineer Nick Brent has discovered deposits of copper in the desert. To protect said deposits, Germany sends a military contingent under the leadership of his old friend, Captain Frank Stan, whom he's known for twenty years. At the same time, a small private plane arrives with the well-known opera singer, Grace Collins. She has arrived to give a few performances and meets with some bankers and businessmen, who have certain views about these copper mines. Naturally, the two main characters are drawn almost simultaneously to Grace and are vying for her affection. In the old tradition, they decide to draw lots. But the actual results of this contest for love don't match the easy solution of who has the longer matchstick.

Der schwedische Ingenieur Nic Brenten ist in Nordafrika damit betraut ein Kupferbergwerk zu bauen und so den Menschen des Landes zu helfen. Als er die Sängerin Grace Collins kennenlernt, verliebt er sich in sie. Grace jedoch ist die Stieftochter seines Gegenspielers, der das Bergwerk für eigennützige Zwecke an sich reißen will und – nach fehlgeschlagenen Bestechungsversuchen – auch nicht davor zurückschreckt mit Waffengewalt gegen Brenten vorzugehen. Als er schließlich von einer englischen Patrouille gefangen genommen wird, ruht Brentens ganze Hoffnung auf Befreiung auf seiner Geliebten Grace.

DVD-r is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 81 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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DAS LIED DE WUSTE, 2/9/2017 6:16 PM
From: Guest
Good news: the dvd print is exceptionally sharp and hard to find any film better in that regard... the closeups of zarah leander are numerous and show just how beautiful she was... the bad news: the film is a waste of zara's talents... why she agreed to star in this B film is a complete mystery. Her romantic co-star is a case of terrible miscasting...where was Victor Staal when he was needed???Probably waiting for a decent script!  It came along 3 yrs later in the classic romantic film 'THE GREAT LOVE"////  
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