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LA BEAUTE DU DIABLE (Beauty and the Devil) (1950) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Directed by René Clair Writing Credits René Clair ... (screenplay and dialogue) & Armand Salacrou ... (screenplay and dialogue)Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Michel Simon Michel Simon ... Mephistopheles / Old Prof. Henri Faust Gérard Philipe Gérard Philipe ... Young Henri Faust / Young-Looking Mephistopheles Nicole Besnard Nicole Besnard ... Marguerite the Gypsy Girl Simone Valère Simone Valère ... La Princesse Carlo Ninchi Carlo Ninchi ... Le Prince Raymond Cordy Raymond Cordy ... Antoine the Servant Tullio Carminati Tullio Carminati ... Le Diplomate Paolo Stoppa Paolo Stoppa ... Official Gaston Modot Gaston Modot ... Gypsy

An elderly alchemist by the name of Henri Faust retires from teaching at a university, disappointed that, even after fifty years of diligent study, he is no closer to discovering the secrets of nature than when he started a half century before. Enter Mephistopholes, Satan's agent, who appears to Faust one evening and offers him the chance to relive his life and "try again". Faust is justifiably reluctant to accept the offer, but then finds himself transformed into a young man. Although delighted with his newfound youth, Henri still refuses to sign the expected pact with the Devil, which will eventually take his soul. But, in the end, will Faust's morality and virtues prevail, or will Mephistopheles' offers prove too tempting to resist?

Le mythe de Faust revisité par le réalisme poétique français... Au seuil de la mort, le professeur d'université Faust est plein de regrets. Méphistophélès lui propose alors un pacte : vendre son âme en échange de la jeunesse et de la richesse, il lui montrera aussi l'avenir.

DVD-R is in French with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 92 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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