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DESPERADO OUTPOST ( Dokuritsu gurentai) (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *

Kihachi Okamoto Makoto Satô ... Sergeant Okubo, alias Araki Izumi Yukimura Izumi Yukimura ... Prostitute Misa Uehara Misa Uehara ... Bandit Chieftain's Sister Tadao Nakamaru Tadao Nakamaru ... Aide-de-Camp Ichirô Nakatani Ichirô Nakatani ... Squad Leader Yôsuke Natsuki Yôsuke Natsuki Tatsuyoshi Ehara Tatsuyoshi Ehara Michirô Minami Michirô Minami ... Sakai Sôchô Mickey Curtis Mickey Curtis Chieko Nakakita Chieko Nakakita Michino Yokoyama Michino Yokoyama ... (as Michiyo Yokoyama) Toki Shiozawa Toki Shiozawa Akira Sera Akira Sera Ikio Sawamura Ikio Sawamura Akira Tani Akira Tani

Sergeant Okubo is the Japanese version of America's Lone Ranger in this film. After hearing about his older brother's apparent suicide in a remote Japanese frontline outpost, he rides his horse across the vastness of Northern China to uncover the truth about it. He first stops at the frontier town of Shogunbyo, which is like any frontier town in a cowboy movie, with a brothel and jail, and which serves as frontline headquarters. There, Okubo meets many colorful characters. The man responsible for the place, a sadistic lieutenant, who took over the outpost after the former commander went mad, tells Okubo about the so called "Desperado Outpost". The outpost is the most dangerous sector in the area, isolated in the middle of enemy territory and guarded by Company 90, a unit made up of the Army's biggest troublemakers. Okubo proceeds to the infamous outpost to continue his investigation and there meets even more colorful characters. Aside from that, there's a secondary plot with an old love, Chinese bandits roaming around, and the Chinese communist army playing the part of the "Indians" (and even the expected gun duel in any typical American Western). 

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 108 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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