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POLICEMAN (Keisatsukan) (1933) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Tomu Uchida Writers: Toshihiko Takeda (story), Eizo Yamauchi Eiji Nakano ... Tetsuo Tomioka Isamu Kosugi Isamu Kosugi ... Itami - a police officer Taisuke Matsumoto Taisuke Matsumoto ... Miyabe Keikan Sôji Ubukata Sôji Ubukata ... Police officer Hashimoto (as Ippei Ubukata) Shinobu Araki Shinobu Araki ... Chief of police Oshima Kenji Asada Kenji Asada ... Judiciary chief Shizuko Mori Shizuko Mori ... Tazuko Tamako Katsura Tamako Katsura ... Emiko Isao Kitaoka Isao Kitaoka ... Younger brother Shinichi Matsuko Miho Matsuko Miho ... Mother Tamiko (as Atsumi Miho) Hirotoshi Murata Hirotoshi Murata ... Yamamura (as Kôju Murata)

Gangster film about the love-hate relationship between a cop and a criminal who were childhood friends. Its taut, terse style demonstrates a Western influence typical of Japan’s late silent cinema, and Uchida directs with a vitality and vehemence that brings to mind Howard Hawks and Fritz Lang. The film, which appeared against a background of real-life anxieties driven by gang violence in Tokyo, was endorsed by the city’s police force at the time of its release.   

DVD-R has Japanese intertitles with hard-encoded English subtitles.  Approx. 91 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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