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MIRAGES (1915) + BE SILENT, MY SORROW, BE SILENT (1918) * with switchable English subtitles *

Pyotr Chardynin Writers: Lidiya Charskaya (novel), Ekaterina Tissova Arsenii Bibikov ... Dymov, The Millionaire Tamara Gedevanova Tamara Gedevanova ... Marianna's Sister Andrey Gromov Andrey Gromov ... (as Andrej Gromov) Aleksandr Kheruvimov Aleksandr Kheruvimov ... Theater director Vera Kholodnaya Vera Kholodnaya ... Marianna Vitold Polonsky Vitold Polonsky ... Dymov Jr. Olga Rakhmanova Olga Rakhmanova ... Marianna's Mother Aleksandr Vyrubov Aleksandr Vyrubov ... Sergey - Marianna's fiancé Pyotr Chardynin, Cheslav Sabinsky Pyotr Chardynin ... Lorio, Musik-Clown Konstantin Khokhlov Konstantin Khokhlov ... Olekso Presvich, a hypnotist and illusionist Vera Kholodnaya Vera Kholodnaya ... Paula, Lorio's partner Ivan Khudoleyev Ivan Khudoleyev ... Prakhov, a merchant Vladimir Maksimov Vladimir Maksimov ... Volyntsev, an artist M. Masin M. Masin ... Innokentii, Prakhov's valet Yanina Mirato Yanina Mirato ... A lady of the demi-monde Vitold Polonsky Vitold Polonsky ... Telepnev, a rich gentleman Olga Rakhmanova Olga Rakhmanova ... Volyntsev's mother Osip Runich Osip Runich ... Zaritskii, a barrister (as Ossip Runitsch)

MIRAGES  (1915)

Marianna is a poor, but decent girl, who works as a reader for the millionaire Dymov. The girl has an artistic talent and concern for the Arts, and it is precisely for these reasons that Dymov hired her to read books to him. Unfortunately, Dymov has a son, whose morality is a bit more than questionable. In a Russian-style version of Faust, the young man will use his wealth to seduce the innocent girl, who, unbeknownst to him, has a fiancee (Sergei). Ultimately, the promise of wealth overrides Marianna's pure heart and innocent soul and the consequences are predictable.


Pyotr Chardynin, a circus performer, is crippled at work. With no form of workers' compensation or welfare available, he tries to earn his keep playing violin on the street. His young wife, Vera, tires of unending poverty and becomes the mistress of a wealthy man. The wealthy man's brother, always in debt because of gambling losses, not only sponges off his richer brother to cover his debts, but seduces Vera.

DVD-R has Russian intertitles with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 119 min. (58 min. + 61 min). See film samples for audio and video quality! 

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