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THE NEW GULLIVER (1935) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Aleksandr Ptushko Writers: Sigismund Krahyzhanovskii, Aleksandr Ptushko | 2 more credits » Stars: Vladimir Konstantinov, Ivan Yudin, Ivan Bobrov
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The story, a Communist re-telling of Gulliver's Travels, is about a young boy who dreams of himself as a version of Gulliver, who has landed in Lilliput suffering under capitalist inequality and exploitation. The pioneer Petya Konstantinov, as an award for the best young OSVOD member of Artek, receives his favorite book — "Gulliver's Travels" by Johnathan Swift. Together with other pioneers who repaired the sailboat "Artek" with their own hands, he goes for a walk to the Adalara's islands which are near the summer camp. There, during vacation, children ask the leader to read them aloud Petya's book. Petya falls asleep while reading and finds himself in the world described in the book. In the dream Petya travels by ship but during sailing his vessel is attacked by pirates. Together with three captives the boy fights with them and wins, but at this moment the pirate ship crashes into the rocks. The teenager recovers ashore, surrounded and tied up by Liliputians. He is put to sleep with a potion. At this time in the parliament there is a debate on what to do with the new Gulliver. Ministers on behalf of the king make the decision to use Gulliver for military purposes. The boy is transported to the city by means of 15 tractors and a special platform. Petya is awoken by the king who puts a sceptre up to his nose. He learns about the decision which was made by the parliament, but disagrees with it. After that under his feet a military parade passes. At this time somewhere in cellars a meeting of workers passes. Strike is appointed next day. The workers decide to find out who he is and find Petya's notebook on Russian language from which they learn that he is for the mighty union of workers from all around the world. Petya is fed from the conveyor, with a crane being used to feed him. The whole Royal Court is present, and the corps de ballet performs. When they start singing to him how well people live under the leadership of the wise king, Petya interrupts the singer and starts singing the pioneer song. It is picked up by workers in the cellars. The court disperses in horror. The police chief decides to kill Petya, and instructs employees of the underground plant to make a batch of weapons. The workers warn him, and the police learns about it immediately, but at this time strike already begins. Workers take over the arsenal. The police tries to poison the boy, but he doesn't swallow the poison and spits it out, having pretended that he has died. Military operations begin. Insurgents are thrown to the sea by armed forces of Liliputia, but Petya goes into action, he seizes the royal ships. Workers on the earth develop success, undermine land mines and tanks. The guard and the court runs away. The king does not manage to hold on to the tower and when falling seizes an arrow of the tower clock. Petya blows in the horn which inexplicably appears in his hands, removes the bell from the city tower belfry and then shakes it in a manner of a hand bell. Then he proclaims: "The meeting of free Liliputiya I declare open!" and wakes up from the laughter of companions as he said the last phrase aloud.

DVD-r is in Russian with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 72 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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Good, 22.01.2019 17:16
Von: Gast
What a strange and delightful film ! The animation is great. The film is very funny. I especially liked the sets and the film angles. While it was made for children adults will enjoy it a lot. I know I did.
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Great movie !, 06.02.2019 10:30
Von: Gast
The 1st full length clay animation film made. A great story and very funny. I enjoyed the huge battle scenes and the high pitched voices. I laughed throughout the movie ! One of the strangest and entertaining films i have seen in a long time .
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