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A HEN IN THE WIND (1948) * with switchable English subtitles *

Yasujirô Ozu, Ryôsuke Saitô Kinuyo Tanaka ... Tokiko Amamiya Shûji Sano Shûji Sano ... Shuichi Amamiya Chieko Murata Chieko Murata ... Akiko Ida Chishû Ryû Chishû Ryû ... Kazuichiro Satake Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Hôhi Aoki Hôhi Aoki ... Shoichi Chiyoko Fumiya Chiyoko Fumiya ... Fusako Onada Keiko Izumi Keiko Izumi ... Nurse #2 Reiko Minakami Reiko Minakami ... Orie Noma Kôji Mitsui Kôji Mitsui ... Hideo Binnosuke Nagao Binnosuke Nagao Kenzô Nakagawa Kenzô Nakagawa Sakae Nakayama Sakae Nakayama ... Nurse #3 Fumiko Okamura Fumiko Okamura ... Landlady Fujiyo Osafune Fujiyo Osafune Takeshi Sakamoto Takeshi Sakamoto ... Hikozo Sakai

A sensitive and powerful examination of the moral compromises made during World War II and the toll they took on families. A woman is forced into prostitution to care for her sick child and is unable to keep her secret, when her husband returns from the front. 

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 83 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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HEN a haunting tale about sacrifice and betrayal, 27.09.2022 23:07
Don't let the fact that this film is nearly 70 years old prevent you from watching. The story, although economically told with a small cast, is still a very modern tale about how one bad decision - made with the best intentions - manages to haunt a young couple to the point of near homicide. Beautifully acted, filled with wrenching scenes of great emotion, this story isn't interested in creating villains, but rather in finding a very human middle ground where trust can grow. And the bittersweet ending is one of the finest and most satisfying conclusions l have ever seen in film.

The film quality is good and crisp. At only a few brief moments does the audio fade a bit, but the clean and easy-to-follow subtitles more than compensate. A fine transfer and another terrific film option from the folks at RFAM!
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