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THE EMIGRANT (Al Mohager) (1994) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Youssef Chahine, Rafik El-Sabban Youssra ... Simihit Khaled Nabawy Khaled Nabawy ... Ram Mahmoud Hemida Mahmoud Hemida ... Amihar Michel Piccoli Michel Piccoli ... Adam Hanan Turk Hanan Turk ... Hati Safia El Emari Safia El Emari ... Basma Ahmed Salama Ahmed Salama ... Berri Ahmad Bedair Ahmad Bedair ... Tut Sayed Abdel Karim Sayed Abdel Karim Yousef Ismail Yousef Ismail Karolina Keisar Karolina Keisar ... Bedouin Child

The biblical tale of Joseph is told from an Egyptian perspective in this interesting character study. In this film, Joseph is called Ram. Ram, tired of his family's backward superstitious life, and tired of being picked on by his brothers, wants to go to Egypt to study agriculture. His brothers travel with him across Sinai, but then suddenly sell him to Ozir, an Egyptian who works for a Theban military leader, Amihar. Amihar is impressed by Ram's drive and personal charm and so grants Ram some desolate land outside the capital. Ram soon finds himself a pawn in the political and sexual games between Amihar and his wife Simihit, a high priestess of the Cult of Amun.

DVD-R is in Arabic with hard-encoded English subtitles.  Approx. 123 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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