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THE LADY VAMPIRE (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *

Nobuo Nakagawa Writers: Katsuyoshi Nakatsu, Shin Nakazawa Shigeru Amachi ... Shiro Sofue / Nobutaka Takenaka Takashi Wada Takashi Wada ... Tamio Oki / Journalist (as Keinosuke Wada) Junko Ikeuchi Junko Ikeuchi ... Itsuko Matsumura Yôko Mihara Yôko Mihara ... Miwako Matsumura / Itsuko's young mother Akira Nakamura Akira Nakamura ... Shigekatsu Matsumura (as Torahiko Nakamura) Hiroshi Sugi Hiroshi Sugi ... Wada, the butler Den Kunikata Den Kunikata ... Hoshino / Robber Masao Takematsu Masao Takematsu ... Dr. Sakakibara Hiroshi Ayukawa Hiroshi Ayukawa ... Editor Tanigawa Midori Chikuma Midori Chikuma ... Maid Tokiko Keiko Hamano Keiko Hamano ... Waitress in Hotel - First Victim Yûzô Harumi Yûzô Harumi ... Bald Muscleman Yôko Mifune Yôko Mifune ... Hostess in Bar Baku Mizuhara Baku Mizuhara ... Cameraman Fujii Fujie Satsuki Fujie Satsuki ... Old Woman in Cave

The film opens with a driver escorting ace reporter Tamio to the birthday party of his fiancée Itsuko, for which he is already very late. The driver stops the car believing he has hit a woman pedestrian, but she seems to have vanished. Later, Tamio spots her wandering around near Itsuko’s home, while Itsuko brings darkness into her party by accidentally cutting her finger and getting a suspiciously large amount of blood on her cake. This alarms Itsuko’s father Shigekatsu, because it reminds him of something that happened right before his wife, Miwako, mysteriously disappeared 20 years previously. Of course, the mystery woman turns out to be none other than Itsuko’s long lost mother, who is discovered in a long disused room by her extremely confused husband. To everyone’s consternation, Miwako looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago. The doctors can’t explain it, and no one is quite sure what to do about this miraculous development.

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 78 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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