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HAWK OF THE CARIBBEAN (Lo sparviero dei Caraibi ) (1962)

Piero Regnoli Johnny Desmond ... Juan Rodrigo Olivares Yvonne Monlaur Yvonne Monlaur ... Arica Mageiras Armando Francioli Armando Francioli ... Esteban Piero Lulli Piero Lulli ... Manuel Franca Parisi Franca Parisi ... Donna Maria de la Rey Sandoval Walter Brandi Walter Brandi ... Ramon, Pirate Elvi Lissiak Elvi Lissiak ... Lolita Vincenzo Musolino Vincenzo Musolino ... Rodriguez, Pirate Graziella Granata Graziella Granata ... Flora Amedeo Trilli Amedeo Trilli ... Pablo Mara Garden Mara Garden Franco Santi Franco Santi ... Pedrito Nerio Bernardi Nerio Bernardi Nino Marchesini Nino Marchesini ... Viceking of Santa Cruz Carlo Lombardi Carlo Lombardi ... Captain Pinto

In the mid-1500s, a ship containing Spanish prisoners being sent to a Spanish penal colony in the Caribbean sinks at sea, but some of the prisoners manage to survive and make it to the shore of a nearby island. They organize themselves under the leadership of Juan Olivares and manage to take over a ship with some cargo.

DVD-R is in dubbed English with no subtitles. Approx. 98 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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