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UN ANGELO PER SATANA (An Angel for Satan) (1966) * with switchable English subtitles *

Camillo Mastrocinque Writers: Luigi Emmanuele (story), Giuseppe Mangione Barbara Steele ... Harriet Montebruno / Belinda Anthony Steffen Anthony Steffen ... Roberto Merigi Claudio Gora Claudio Gora ... Conte Montebruno Mario Brega Mario Brega ... Carlo Lionesi Marina Berti Marina Berti ... Ilda - the Housekeeper (as Maureen Melrose) Ursula Davis Ursula Davis ... Rita Vassili Karis Vassili Karis ... Dario - the Teacher (as Vassili Karamesinis) Aldo Berti Aldo Berti ... Vittorio - the Gardener Betty Delon Betty Delon ... Barbara Lionesi Antonio Corevi Antonio Corevi ... Guglielmo - the Majordomo Antonio Acqua Antonio Acqua ... Sergente - the Guardian Livia Rossetti Livia Rossetti ... Natalia Halina Zalewska Halina Zalewska ... Luisa Giovanna Lenzi Giovanna Lenzi ... Maria

At the end of the 19th century, in a little Italian village by a lake, an old statue is recovered. Soon a series of crimes start and the superstitious people of the village believe that the statue carries an ancient curse.

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 88 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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