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J. Lee Thompson Writers: Andrew Sinclair (screenplay), Frederick L. Keefe David Niven ... Major Burnside Topol Topol ... Janovic Anna Karina Anna Karina ... Maria John Hurt John Hurt ... Lieutenant Pilkington Anthony Quayle Anthony Quayle ... Brigadier Bewley Ori Levy Ori Levy ... Captain Kamenev John Collin John Collin ... Sergeant Woody Karel Stepanek Karel Stepanek ... Count Kerassy Guy Deghy Guy Deghy ... Kovacs Mark Malicz Mark Malicz ... Komenski Gertan Klauber Gertan Klauber ... Russian Major Hana Maria Pravda Hana Maria Pravda ... Beata (as Hana-Maria Pravda) George Innes George Innes ... Bill Tony Selby Tony Selby ... Ted Hugh Futcher Hugh Futcher ... Joe

Before Winter Comes takes place in the immediate aftermath of World War II. British Major Giles Burnside is assigned to a refugee camp in occupied Austria. His mission is to send groups of displaced civilians either to the Russian zone or the American zone. Burnside is a by-the-book officer, but he runs into trouble translating his orders into many different languages. One of the refugees, Janovic, can speak many languages and is willing to help. Janovic quickly conveys Burnside's orders and helps the camp run smoothly. The helpful refugee starts a romance with a lovely innkeeper, Maria; that is, until he discovers she's having an affair with Burnside, too. Meanwhile, Janovic is found to be a Red Army deserter, who should be returned to the Soviet authorities to be executed. Burnside offers to help him escape, but Janovic cannot decide whether or not to trust him (as if he's got anything to lose!).

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx. 103 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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