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LE BACCANTI (The Bacchantes) (1961)

Directed by Giorgio Ferroni Screenplay by Giorgio Stegani Taina Elg as Dirce Pierre Brice as Dionysus Alessandra Panaro as Manto Alberto Lupo as Pentheus Akim Tamiroff as Tiresias Raf Mattioli as Lacdamos Erno Crisa as Atteon Miranda Campa as Agave GĂ©rard Landry as Shepherd Nerio Bernardi as High Priest Enzo Fiermonte as Polycrates Nino Marchetti as Theban


Thebes, the birthplace of Dionysus (born from the union between the god Zeus and the mortal woman Semele) suffers from a terrible drought, which triggers popular discontent. This adds up to the accusations of the prophet Tiresias, who alleges that the drought is due to the wrath of Dionysus, blaming King Pentheus for not believing in his divine nature and not revering him. Manto, daughter of Tiresias, gives water to a stranger, who reciprocates with wine sacred to Dionysus. She then confides in her friend Dirce, discussing their respective unhappy destinies: Manto will become a virgin sacred to Demeter, despite her being in love with the servant Lacdamos, while Dirce is engaged to Pentheus, while dreaming of a life free from the court. Following an omen reported by a priest, Agave, Semele's sister and Pentheus's mother, reveals to her son the existence of an ancient prophecy, according to which Lacdamos will marry a virgin sacred to Demeter and their son will become king of Thebes. 

DVD-R is in dubbed English with no subtitles. Approx. 96 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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