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Luc Allaerts ... Bendeleider Guido De Belder Guido De Belder ... Monnik Danielle Detremmerie Danielle Detremmerie Dora Raskin Dora Raskin ... Kasteelvrouw Franka Ravet Franka Ravet ... Meisje Nick Van Suyt Nick Van Suyt ... Bald rapist farmer Jacques Verbist Jacques Verbist ... Man

It's 2011 and the world has been torn apart by war, violence and other nasty things. An atomic annihilation of most of mankind has resulted in a world in ruins, where chaos and anarchy reign. The protagonist of the film survived the conflict by being shoved into a fallout shelter as a child. Twenty years later, he leaves the shelter, incapable of reading, writing or speaking and still with the mind of a child. This, of course, not only leaves him completely vulnerable to the powers-that-be, but saves the directors of this rather bizarre cult film lots of money having to hire a scriptwriter. Though this man-child can't count to five, he has managed to land himself a wife. They both find themselves the prisoners of a local sex merchant. They're able to escape and over time, something beautiful develops between the two. Whether love and happiness (by this film's definition: sex) can survive in this barbaric world is another question; but apparently, it can, since there's lot of graphic nudity, homosexual rape and forced oral sex for your viewing "pleasure".

DVD-R has no dialogue, so, of course, subtitles are likewise unnecessary. Approx. 79 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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