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ONE CHANCE IN A THOUSAND (1968) * with switchable English subtitles *

Leon Kocharyan, Bagrat Oganesyan Anatoliy Solonitsyn ... kapitan Migunko Arkadiy Sviderskiy Arkadiy Sviderskiy ... Igor i Serafim Semerniny (as A. Svidersky) Aleksandr Fadeyev Aleksandr Fadeyev ... Osyanin (as A. Fadeyev) Khariy Shveyts Khariy Shveyts ... Khari Khatsel (as Kh. Shveyts) Vladimir Marenkov Vladimir Marenkov ... Vladimir Sokolov (as V. Marenkov) Oleg Khalimonov Oleg Khalimonov ... Viktor Kartsev (as O. Khalimonov) Zhanna Prokhorenko Zhanna Prokhorenko ... Nina (as Zh. Prokhorenko) Nikolay Grinko Nikolay Grinko ... Denis Korneyevich Prokhorenko (as N. Grinko) Arkadi Tolbuzin Arkadi Tolbuzin ... Polkovnik (as A. Tolbuzin) Gurgen Tonunts Gurgen Tonunts ... Kester (as G. Tonunts) Nikolai Kryukov Nikolai Kryukov ... Dvigubskiy (as N. Kryukov) Grigoriy Shpigel Grigoriy Shpigel ... Shirakh (as G. Shpigel) Oleg Savosin Oleg Savosin ... Tsiklon (as O. Savosin) Lev Polyakov Lev Polyakov ... Otto (as L. Polyakov) Voldemar Akuraters Voldemar Akuraters ... fon Byulov (as V. Akuraters)

In German-occupied Crimea during the Second World War, a group of Russian soldiers employ unusual tactics to steal classified documents from their enemies.

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 76 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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