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RESURRECTION (Voskreseniye) (1960) * with switchable English subtitles *

Mikhail Shvejtser Writers: Yevgeny Gabrilovich (screenplay) (as Ye. Gabrilovich), Mikhail Shvejtser Tamara Syomina ... Katyusha Maslova (as T. Syomina) Evgeniy Matveev Evgeniy Matveev ... knyaz Dmitriy Nekhlyudov (as Ye. Matveyev) Pavel Massalsky Pavel Massalsky ... Predsedatel suda (as P. Massalskiy) Viktor Kulakov Viktor Kulakov ... Chlen suda (as V. Kulakov) Vasili Bokarev Vasili Bokarev ... Matvey Nikitin - chlen suda (as V. Bokaryev) Lev Zolotukhin Lev Zolotukhin ... Breve - tovarishch prokurova (as L. Zolotukhin) Vladimir Sez Vladimir Sez ... Sekretar suda (as V. Sez) Cheslav Sushkevich Cheslav Sushkevich ... Sudebniy pristav (as V. Sushkevich) Nikolai Svobodin Nikolai Svobodin ... Polkovnik v otstavke (as N. Svobodin) Aleksandr Khvylya Aleksandr Khvylya ... Kupets (as A. Khvylya) Aleksei Smirnov Aleksei Smirnov ... Nikiforov (as A. Smirnov) Vladimir Vanyshev Vladimir Vanyshev ... Uchitel (as V. Vanyshev) Sergei Kalinin Sergei Kalinin ... Artelshchik (as S. Kalinin) Anatoli Kasapov Anatoli Kasapov ... Prikazchik (as A. Kasapov) Nina Samsonova Nina Samsonova ... Bochkova (as N. Samsonova)

In court, a jury hears about the theft of money and an act of poisoning, which caused the death of the merchant Smyelkov. Among the three accused of the crime is Philistine Ekaterina Maslova, a prostitute. Maslov is innocent, but, as a result of a miscarriage of justice, is sentenced to four years' hard labor in Siberia. Among the jurors is Prince Dmitri Nekhlyudov, who seduced and abandoned Maslov ten years earlier. Feeling guilty, he hires a lawyer to appeal the conviction; but the Kafkaesque labyrinth which is the Russian penal system not only upholds the obviously wrong verdict, but causes in the prince such disgust, that he accompanies the girl on her journey to the camps in the frozen East. The prince even asks her to marry him, to which she replies, "first you used me for your pleasure; now you wish to use me for your redemption."

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 160 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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