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THE COSSACKS (1961) * with switchable English subtitles *

Vasili Pronin Writers: Viktor Shklovskiy (as Viktor Shklovsky), Leo Tolstoy Leonid Gubanov ... Dmitri Olenin Boris Andreyev Boris Andreyev ... Eroshka Zinaida Kirienko Zinaida Kirienko ... Maryana Eduard Bredun Eduard Bredun ... Lukashka Boris Novikov Boris Novikov ... Nazarka Vera Yenyutina Vera Yenyutina Konstantin Gradopolov Konstantin Gradopolov German Kachin German Kachin ... Vanyusha Izabella Men Izabella Men ... Ustenka (as I. Men) Vsevolod Safonov Vsevolod Safonov Aleksandra Danilova Aleksandra Danilova Artur Nishchyonkin Artur Nishchyonkin ... (as Artur Nishchenkin) Leonid Parkhomenko Leonid Parkhomenko Ivan Lyubeznov Ivan Lyubeznov Anatoliy Papanov Anatoliy Papanov

Olenin journeys to the Caucasus as a cadet, to fight among its wild peoples in the Caucasian Was. Agonizing at the emptiness of his life, Olenin suffers from an identity crisis. He starts to wear Cossack dress and falls in love with Maryanka, though she has already been promised to his friend Lukashka. He fails in bonding with the peoples of the mountains and Maryanka turns him down. During a hunting trip in the forest, Olenin gets lost ... and there, finds himself. He discovers a path out of his identity crisis. He has an epiphany and earns an insight into the secret of happiness. Until now he has been gazing inside of himself. Now there is a reversal to the world outside: "Happiness lies in living for others".

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 90 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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