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Aleksey German Writers: Joseph Brodsky Yuriy Tsurilo ... Gen. Klensky (as Yu. Tsurilo) Nina Ruslanova Nina Ruslanova ... Wife (as N. Ruslanova) Mikhail Dementev Mikhail Dementev ... Son (as M. Dementyev) Aleksandr Bashirov Aleksandr Bashirov ... Idiot (as A. Bashirov) Natalya Lvova Natalya Lvova ... (as N. Lvova) Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Dima Davydov Dima Davydov Sergei Dyachkov Sergei Dyachkov Jüri Järvet Jr. Jüri Järvet Jr. ... Sweden journalist (as Yu. Yarvet) Ivan Matskevich Ivan Matskevich ... (as I. Matskevich) Viktor Mikhailov Viktor Mikhailov ... General's driver (as V. Mikhailov) Paulina Myasnikova Paulina Myasnikova ... General's mother (as P. Myasnikova) Nijole Narmontaite Nijole Narmontaite ... Sonya (as N. Narmontaite) Olga Samoshina Olga Samoshina ... (as O. Samoshina) Tamara Serkova Tamara Serkova ... (as T. Serkova) Genrietta Yanovskaya Genrietta Yanovskaya ... General's sister (as G. Yanovskaya)

On the first day of the cold Spring of 1953, two events occur, not comparable in importance: fireman Fedya Aramyshev is arrested and "the greatest leader of all times and peoples", Joseph Stalin, is found lying on the floor of his dacha. Some time before these incidents happen, the life of military-medical service general Yuri Klensky is shown. In the Soviet Union, the Doctors' Plot rages to the utmost extent, but the Jew Klensky, cheering himself up with almost non-stop drunkenness, hopes that the punishing sword of Soviet justice will not touch him. However, a number of events show that Klensky's hopes are futile, and soon arrest will follow. At first, the General meets his own double in the hospital, and then in his house there is a "foreigner" bearing news, that allegedly his relative lives abroad. Klensky, suspecting a provocation, pushes the "foreigner" down the stairs, but a local snitch reports the doctor's contact with foreigners to the MGB. Klensky tries to escape but ends up getting arrested. The General's family is evicted and is placed in a crowded communal apartment and Klensky himself is left to the criminals, who brutally beat and rape the general. But then a miracle happens: the bloody general is driven directly from the cell to the country to a certain "high-ranking" patient the shocked Klensky learns to be the "Great Leader". Stalin's state is hopeless, he is dying while wheezing and agonizing, and Beria's voice full of triumph utters the first sentence of post-Stalinist Russia, "Khrustalyov, My Car!".

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 139 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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