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OURANOS (Glory Sky) (1962) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Takis Emmanuel Giagos Aimilia Pitta Sofia Costas Messaris Kostas Angelou Phaedon Georgitsis Stratos Giorgos Fourniadis Niki Triantafillidi Anthoula Stavros Tornes

With Greece already under German occupation in the cold Spring of 1941, a long-suffering squad of proud and war-battered Greek soldiers receives orders from the headquarters of the Central Military Command in Athens to fall back, leaving behind the Greco-Albanian Front. As the men retreat --- crossing through the rugged and snow-covered landscapes of the bomb-scarred Greek countryside --- the terrifying certainty that nothing will ever be the same again crushes the weary human souls, blemished forever by war's madness. Under those circumstances --- severely wounded, yet still alive --- most of them will never return home. 

DVD-R is in Greek with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 82 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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