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THE KINGFISHER CAPER ( Diamond Hunters) (1975) * with switchable English subtitles *

Hayley Mills Tracey Van der Byl David McCallum Benedict Van der Byl Dirk DeVilliers Volente Bertotti Ruby Lance Jon Cypher Johnny Lance Barry Trengove Cappy Gordon van Rooyen Kramer

Benedict and Tracey van Der Byl are the offspring of wealthy Hendrich van der Byl, who owns and operates Van der Byl Diamond Mines, one of the smaller yet still very lucrative diamond mining operations in South Africa. Benedict and Tracey grew up with Johnny Lance, who Hendrich brought into their house when orphaned and has treated him like another son, which Benedict has always resented. While Benedict is a ne'er do well who spends his time chasing women, and on the side steals a diamond here and there from the company to give to whomever his female companion is at the time, Johnny, who has overshadowed Benedict all of their lives, has learned the business, and is one of the most respected diamond men in the country. With what Johnny believes is a large cache of diamonds sitting within the reef at Thunderbolt Gap which the larger mining operations have the rights, he has developed Kingfisher, a new vessel which he believes will revolutionize the dredging for such diamonds. The bank has loaned the company over two million dollars thus far, with Kingfisher actually being operational within sight. When Hendrich receives a terminal medical diagnosis which he tells no one in his family, he hands over the reigns of the company one-third each to Benedict, Tracey, and Johnny. Benedict assumes the role of President and C.E.O. in Hendrich giving him the chance to prove himself, something that Benedict said he wanted. Tracey's share is held in a trust controlled by Benedict. And Johnny's share is solely within the realm of Kingfisher and the dredging operation, he needing to negotiate further with the bank for any additional capital to complete the vessel and make it operational. 

DVD-R is in English with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 88 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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