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THE HOLY INQUISITION (1974) * with switchable English subtitles *

Jorge Luke ... Luis de Carvajal Diana Bracho Diana Bracho ... Mariana de Carvajal Claudio Brook Claudio Brook ... Fray Alonso de Peralta Ana Mérida Ana Mérida ... Francisca de Carvajal Rafael Banquells Rafael Banquells ... Principal de la Real Audiencia Mario Castillón Bracho Mario Castillón Bracho ... Gregorio López (as Mario Castillón) Arturo Beristáin Arturo Beristáin ... Baltasar Jorge Fegán Jorge Fegán ... Padre Oroz Farnesio de Bernal Farnesio de Bernal ... Fray Hernando Virgilio Hernández Virgilio Hernández ... Martoz de Bohórquez (escribano) Antonio Bravo Antonio Bravo ... Rabino Morales Peter Gonzales Falcon Peter Gonzales Falcon ... Fray Gaspar (as Peter Gonzales) Florencio Castelló Florencio Castelló ... Fray Lorenzo de Albornoz Martin LaSalle Martin LaSalle ... Díaz Márquez Silvia Mariscal Silvia Mariscal ... Justa Méndez

Gaspar de Carvajal, a Dominican, has not seen his family since the age of ten, when he was sent away to pursue a religious life. He attends the funeral of his father, where he notices that the body was washed, then buried in a shroud and without a coffin. Gaspar tells his confessor that he suspects his family, Jews who converted to Catholicism, are still following their old ways. Father Lorenzo says this matter must be taken before the Inquisition. Alonso de Peralta, chief Inquisitor of New Spain, orders the Carvajal family arrested on the testimony of their son. Hernando, a Franciscan friar, is sent as a spy to the cell of Luis, Gaspar's brother. Luis' faith converts Hernando to Judaism. Under torture, Luis' mother Francisca confesses. Each family member renounces the Jewish heresy and is allowed to leave prison. But they are warned: if they revert back to Judaism a second time, they will be burned at the stake.

DVD-R is in Spanish with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 126 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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