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BORIS GODUNOV (1986) * with switchable English subtitles *

Sergey Bondarchuk ... Boris Godunov Alyona Bondarchuk Alyona Bondarchuk ... Tsarevna Kseniya (as Elena Bondarchuk) Gennadi Mitrofanov Gennadi Mitrofanov ... Yurodivi (as Gennady Mitrofanov) Valeriy Storozhik Valeriy Storozhik ... Kurbski Yuri Lazarev Yuri Lazarev ... Gavrila Pushkin Vladimir Sedov Vladimir Sedov ... Afanasi Pushkin Georgiy Burkov Georgiy Burkov ... Varlaam Vadim Aleksandrov Vadim Aleksandrov ... Misael Irina Skobtseva Irina Skobtseva ... Khozyaika Korchmi Kira Golovko Kira Golovko ... Mamka Kseni Lyudmila Korshakova Lyudmila Korshakova ... Tsaritsa Mariya Fedor Bondarchuk Fedor Bondarchuk ... Tsarevitch Fyodor (as Fyodor Bondarchuk) Khenek Makhalitsa Khenek Makhalitsa ... Yuri Mnishek Olgerd Lukashevich Olgerd Lukashevich ... Nikolai Chernikovski Marian Dziedziel Marian Dziedziel ... Adam Vishnyevetski (as Marian Dzhendzhel)

This 1986 film is the adaptation of Alexander Pushkin's classic historic drama "Boris Godunov", directed by Sergei Bondarchuk (who also plays the star role). Godunov murdered Ivan the Terrible's son, Dmitri, and usurped the throne of Russia for himself. But he suffers from the knowledge of his deeds and is driven nearly mad by it. Meanwhile, a young monk claims to be the murdered child, now grown (the False Dmitri), and he's raised an army in Poland to attack the Tsar. The story, which takes place in the early 17th Century, when Poland was a major player in European politics and Russia was struggling to build and hold an empire, is said to reveal clearly the antagonism between the two nations, which has never waned throughout modern history.

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 139 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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