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7 OHRFEIGEN (1937)

Paul Martin, Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch and Alfred Abel

Please note that it has been reported to us that the song, Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein, is incomplete in this film. Unfortunately, many of these films are incomplete or "re-stitched" by postwar editors because original footage has been lost to history (i.e., war). More complete versions of such films might be available in Murnau's vaults or other sources, but until they're released, we have no control over what is available.

Young William Tenson MacPhab’s stock portfolio has crashed like the housing market in 21st Century Nevada and he’s lost a whole Seven Pounds  (now valued at about $ 11).  And like many an investor, who left his investment decisions in the hands of others, Tenson holds Astor Terbanks, a steel magnate, responsible for Tenson’s stupid investment decisions.  Through a trick, he manages to get an appointment with the steel magnate, but when the latter hears he’s only lost Seven Pounds, he has his stupid ass thrown out.  Now Tenson is bent on revenge.  Apparently having nothing to do with his life and suffering from some psychological problems as well as being stupid, he takes an ad out in the paper  (costing another four Pounds) threatening to give the old steel king seven slaps in the coming week to teach him a lesson in respect  (thank God he didn’t lose twenty-one Pounds, huh?).  Terbank’s daughter Daisy is horrified by this threat from the loon and does everything to protect her father  (except call the police).  It’s all in vain:  Her father gets slapped every day, and every day, it makes headlines.  Moral of the story:  when lunatics threaten you, because they lose pennies investing in your stock, sometimes, It’s best to buy them a Happy Meal and make them happy while they’re waiting for their medication to arrive in the mail.

Ein Kursverfall seiner Aktien ruiniert den jungen William Tenson MacPhab: Sein gesamtes Vermögen von sage und schreibe sieben Pfund hat er verloren! Tensons Meinung nach ist der Stahlmagnat Astor Terbanks für das Unglück verantwortlich. Durch einen Trick verschafft er sich einen Termin bei dem Unternehmer, doch als Terbanks hört, dass Tensons gerade mal sieben Pfund verloren hat, lässt er den armen Tropf hinauswerfen.  Jetzt sinnt Tenson auf Rache: Am nächsten Tag ist in der Zeitung zu lesen, Tenson wolle dem alten Herrn im Lauf der kommenden Woche sieben Ohrfeigen verpassen, auf dass er ein wenig mehr Respekt vor der Zahl Sieben bekommt. Terbanks Tochter Daisy ist entsetzt über diese Drohung, sie tut alles, um ihren Vater zu schützen – vergeblich. Täglich bekommt ihr Vater eine Backpfeife von dem gewitzten Tenson, und täglich macht die Presse eine Schlagzeile daraus.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 82 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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