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William Castle Writer: Robert E. Kent Rhonda Fleming ... Cleopatra William Lundigan William Lundigan ... Lucilius Raymond Burr Raymond Burr ... Mark Antony Jean Byron Jean Byron ... Charmian Michael Ansara Michael Ansara ... Captain Florus Michael Fox Michael Fox ... Octavius Conrad Wolfe Conrad Wolfe ... Elderly Assassin John Crawford John Crawford ... Captain Domitius Jane Easton Jane Easton ... Cytheris Robert Griffin Robert Griffin ... Brutus Frederic Berest Frederic Berest ... Marculius Julie Newmar Julie Newmar ... The Gilded Girl

The film opens in 44 BC, just after the assassination of Julius Caesar, and tells the story of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her relationship with the Roman general Mark Anthony from that time until their mutual suicide in 30 BC. Lucilius, having previously accompanied Julius Caesar to Egypt and having been a close witness to Caesar's romance with Cleopatra, believes that Cleopatra is a woman highly skilled in besotting men to promote her own agenda, in this case to bind Mark Anthony to her desire to become queen of Rome and to make her son by Caesar the eventual ruler of the Roman Empire. In the meantime, as Lucilius becomes aware, Cleopatra is beguiling Anthony with continuous showings of feasting and luxury while the vast population of Egypt is suffering hunger and poverty. When Lucilius reveals his concerns to Cleopatra, she makes an unsuccessful attempt to seduce him, in order to win him to her side. Cleopatra persuades Anthony that all this disaffection is the work of her younger half-sister, Arsinoe, and Lucilius is sent on an expedition against her in which she is (unhistorically) killed. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 78 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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