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THE TROJAN HORSE (1961) * with German, English and French audio tracks *

Giorgio Ferroni, Ugo Liberatore Steve Reeves ... Aeneas Juliette Mayniel Juliette Mayniel ... Creusa John Drew Barrymore John Drew Barrymore ... Ulysses Edy Vessel Edy Vessel ... Helen (as Hedy Vessel) Lidia Alfonsi Lidia Alfonsi ... Cassandra Warner Bentivegna Warner Bentivegna ... Paris Luciana Angiolillo Luciana Angiolillo ... Andromache Arturo Dominici Arturo Dominici ... Achilles Mimmo Palmara Mimmo Palmara ... Ajax Nerio Bernardi Nerio Bernardi ... Agamemnon Nando Tamberlani Nando Tamberlani ... Menelaus Carlo Tamberlani Carlo Tamberlani ... Priam Giancarlo Bastianoni Giancarlo Bastianoni ... Acate Giovanni Cianfriglia Giovanni Cianfriglia ... Diomedes (as Giovanni Cianfrilla) Luigi Ciavarro Luigi Ciavarro

In the final year of the ten-year long Trojan War, Ulysses devises his infamous scheme to get into Troy. The Greeks build a colossal wooden horse, which the Trojans take into their city, believing it a gift from Poseidon. Hidden inside are Greek warriors, who open the city gates and welcome their comrades to enter and destroy the city. The film focuses on Aeneas, who fights many battles during the movie. He even travels abroad and brings back an entire foreign army to defend the city. Aeneas leads the desperate final battle to defend Troy, but I think you can guess what good that does him and his fellow Trojans.

DVD-R has English, French and German audio tracks with switchable German subtitles. Approx. 101 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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