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MIRCEA (Proud Heritage) (1989) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Sergiu Nicolaescu Writer: Titus Popovici (screenplay) Sergiu Nicolaescu ... King Mircea the Elder Serban Ionescu Serban Ionescu ... Prince Mihail - Son of King Mircea Adrian Pintea Adrian Pintea ... Vlad Dracul - Father of Vlad the Impaler Vlad Nemes Vlad Nemes ... Young Vlad Tepes Ion Besoiu Ion Besoiu ... Emperor Sigismund's Envoy Ion Ritiu Ion Ritiu ... Sultan Baiazid George Alexandru George Alexandru ... Sultan Mehmet Ioana Pavelescu Ioana Pavelescu ... Elisaveta - Wife of Prince Mihail Manuela Harabor Manuela Harabor ... Irina - Mother of Young Vlad Colea Rautu Colea Rautu ... Turkish Envoy Izedin-bey Traian Costea Traian Costea ... Dan - King Mircea's Brother Vladimir Gaitan Vladimir Gaitan ... Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund Corneliu Gîrbea Corneliu Gîrbea ... Ion Iercau (as Cornel Gîrbea) Papil Panduru Papil Panduru ... Mezea - King Mircea's Servant Stefan Velniciuc Stefan Velniciuc ... Jean de Neverre of Burgundy

Following the Battle of Rovine in 1394 between the Wallachian and Ottoman armies, Wallachian ruler Mircea the Elder consolidates his reign. In a small civil war, he manages to oust his brother Dan from his domain. Dan's dream of usurping the Wallachian throne is destroyed and he is banished from the kingdom. After this confrontation, Prince Mircea the Elder receives envoys from the Polish king and from the Ottoman sultan. In their attempt to conquer Europe, the Ottoman Turks are seeking European allies. Their envoys to Wallachia want to persuade Prince Mircea to join them, but the Polish envoys also are hoping to sway Wallachia to their side. Prince Mircea of Wallachia hesitates. An alliance with fellow Christian Poles seems logical, but their conditions are harsh.The conditions of a possible military alliance with the Ottoman Turks are more attractive. However, the Ottoman Turks are Muslim and they are the traditional enemies of the small Christian kingdom of Wallachia. Caught between two waring powers, Wallachia faces hard choices. The key to its survival is Prince Mircea's wisdom and his grandson ... Vlad.

DVD-R is in Romanian with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 137 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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