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LE GRAND RESTAURANT (1966) * with switchable English and German subtitles *

Jacques Besnard (adaptation), Jean Halain Louis de Funès ... Monsieur Septime Bernard Blier Bernard Blier ... Le commissaire divisionnaire Maria-Rosa Rodriguez Maria-Rosa Rodriguez ... Sophia Venantino Venantini Venantino Venantini ... Henrique Juan Ramírez Juan Ramírez ... Le général Noël Roquevert Noël Roquevert ... Le ministre Folco Lulli Folco Lulli ... Le président Novalès Yves Arcanel Yves Arcanel ... Henri René Berthier René Berthier Albert Dagnant Albert Dagnant ... Un conspirateur Robert Dalban Robert Dalban ... Le conspirateur francais Eugene Deckers Eugene Deckers ... Le complice de Novalès (as Eugène Deckers) Robert Destain Robert Destain ... Le baron Bernard Dumaine Bernard Dumaine ... Le client satisfait Jacques Dynam Jacques Dynam ... Un serveur

M. Septime rules the renowned Paris restaurant "Chez Septime" with an iron fist. Grovelling before his rich and powerful customers, M. Septime feels free to treat his employees like children at best or like slaves at worst. M. Septime would be very happy if things just continued the way they are. But Destiny will have it otherwise. Indeed one day, Novales, a South American president, disappears while dining in his restaurant and it looks as if Septime has something to do with it.

DVD-R is in German with switchable English and German subtitles. Approx. 83 min. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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