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TAXI, ROULOTTE ET CORRIDA (Wenn Louis eine Reise tut) (1958) * with switchable English subtitles *

André Hunebelle; Writers: Jean Halain; Louis de Funès ... Maurice Berger Raymond Bussières Raymond Bussières ... Léon Annette Poivre Annette Poivre ... Mathilde, la femme de Léon / Léon's wife Guy Bertil Guy Bertil ... Jacques Berger Véra Valmont Véra Valmont ... Myriam Jacques Dynam Jacques Dynam ... Pedro, le premier ganster Paulette Dubost Paulette Dubost ... Germaine Berger Albert Pilette Albert Pilette ... Gonzalès, le second ganster Sophie Sel Sophie Sel ... Nicole Max Révol Max Révol ... M. Fred Jacques Bertrand Jacques Bertrand ... Carlos Louis Bugette Louis Bugette ... Casimir (as Bugette) Roger Desmare Roger Desmare ... Le barman Jacques Dufilho Jacques Dufilho ... Le client du taxi Marc Eyraud Marc Eyraud ... Le douanier espagnol

Louis, a typically insane, Parisian taxi driver, is a hard-working man. Today's his last day of work before his Summer vacation. The whole family is going to Spain with his sister-in-law and her family. Louis will be driving them in his taxi and towing a trailer (or, as they put it in the film, a "caravan"). Customs on the French-Spanish border is pretty thorough and the two men have some trouble smuggling the tobacco they'll need while away from home. In line with them at customs is a beautiful blonde, who just happens to be smuggling a priceless, stolen diamond into Spain. Realizing that the inspectors are looking at her just a tad bit suspiciously, she slips the diamond into Louis' jacket pocket. She discovers where the family is going on vacation, so she'll find a way to retrieve the gem later. After the inspection, she overtakes the family on the road and pretends to have a breakdown. Stopping the family, she asks Louis for help, so she can rifle his pockets. But the diamond isn't there!

Der hibbelige Pariser Taxifahrer Louis fährt mit seiner Familie sowie der seines Schwagers Léon in seinem mit einem Superturbokompressor aufgemotzten Taxi und einem Wohnwagenanhänger in den Spanienurlaub. Es ist ihre erste Auslandsreise und das Urlaubsgeld wollen sie mit in Socken geschmuggeltem Tabak aufbessern. Der Zufall will es, dass in der Zollstation eine attraktive Blondine einen gestohlenen Diamanten in Louis Sakkotasche versteckt. Um das wertvolle Stück zurückzubekommen, wird Louis fortan von ihr und ihren Hintermännern in eine überaus rasante und turbulente Verfolgungsjagd voller Überraschungen verwickelt.

DVD-R is in dubbed German with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 82 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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