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SAWDUST AND TINSEL (The Naked Night) (1953) * with switchable English subtitles *

Ingmar Bergman Åke Grönberg ... Albert Johansson Harriet Andersson Harriet Andersson ... Anne Hasse Ekman Hasse Ekman ... Frans Anders Ek Anders Ek ... Frost Gudrun Brost Gudrun Brost ... Alma Annika Tretow Annika Tretow ... Agda Erik Strandmark Erik Strandmark ... Jens Gunnar Björnstrand Gunnar Björnstrand ... Mr. Sjuberg Curt Löwgren Curt Löwgren ... Blom Kiki Kiki ... The Dwarf

While traveling in caravan through Sweden, a member of the decadent Alberti Circus tells the owner and ringmaster Albert Johansson a sad story about the clown Frost: seven years ago, he caught his wife, Alma, bathing naked in a lake with a regiment. When the circus arrives in the town where Albert's wife Agda and sons live, he decides to pay a visit with his young mistress Anne to a famous local troupe to borrow some capes, hats and vests for their show. They are humiliated by the director Mr. Sjuberg, but he lends them the prop, and the lead actor Frans makes an unsuccessful pass at Anne. When Albert decides to visit Agda, jealous Anne meets Frans, who seduces her with an apparently valuable necklace, and they have a love affair. Anne finds that the necklace is actually worthless and returns to the circus. 

DVD-R is in Swedish with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 92 min. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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