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Directed by Giuseppe Vari Cameron Mitchell as Wilfred, Duke of Saxony Geneviève Grad as Svetania Ettore Manni as Olivier D'Anglon Philippe Hersent as James Piero Lulli as Barton" Paul Müller as Thomas Franca Bettoia as Queen Patricia

After decades of violent raids, the Vikings have finally agreed to make peace with the English and begin settling on Anglo-Saxon soil. Nobleman Olivier D'Anglon becomes a great friend of the settlers and falls in love with Svetania, one of their youngest, prettiest women. However, the jealous and cruel Duke of Saxony wants to overthrow the English king, so he has his soldiers disguise themselves as Vikings and ambush the king. Various clues are purposely left behind, which lead people into suspecting that D'anglon masterminded the attack. 

DVD-R has both the original Italian and a dubbed English soundtrack with no subtitles. Approx. 82 mins.

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