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Alexander Korda Writers: Lajos Biró (story and dialogue) (as Lajos Biro), Arthur Wimperis Charles Laughton ... Henry VIII Robert Donat Robert Donat ... Thomas Culpeper Franklin Dyall Franklin Dyall ... Thomas Cromwell Miles Mander Miles Mander ... Wriothesley Lawrence Hanray Lawrence Hanray ... Archbishop Cranmer William Austin William Austin ... Duke of Cleves John Loder John Loder ... Peynell Claud Allister Claud Allister ... Cornell (as Claude Allister) Gibb McLaughlin Gibb McLaughlin ... The French Executioner (as Gibb Mc.Laughlin) Sam Livesey Sam Livesey ... The English Executioner Merle Oberon Merle Oberon ... Anne Boleyn - The Second Wife Wendy Barrie Wendy Barrie ... Jane Seymour - The Third Wife Elsa Lanchester Elsa Lanchester ... Anne of Cleves - The Fourth Wife Binnie Barnes Binnie Barnes ... Katherine Howard - The Fifth Wife Everley Gregg Everley Gregg ... Katherine Parr - The Sixth Wife

Charles Laughton gulps beer and chomps on mutton, in his first of many iconic screen roles, as King Henry VIII, the ultimate anti-husband. Alexander Korda’s first major international success is a raucous, entertaining, even poignant peek into the boudoirs of the infamous king and his six wives.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 93 min.  See film sample for audio and video quality! 

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