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ODETTE (1950) * with switchable Spanish subtitles *

Herbert Wilcox Writers: Jerrard Tickell (by), Warren Chetham Strode (screenplay) (as Warren Chetham-Strode) Stars: Anna Neagle, Trevor Howard, Marius Goring

Odette Sansom, a Frenchwoman living in England, is recruited by the SOE to return to France and work with the Underground. Before leaving for France, she leaves her three children in a convent. Soon after landing in occupied Europe, she is captured and turned over to the Gestapo for interrogation. Severely tortured, she nevertheless tells her captors nothing. Another agent she worked closely with --- Peter Churchill --- was also captured. Though he was in no way related to the British prime minister, Odette tells the Gestapo he is and that the two of them are married. This bit of quick thinking might save her life; for when their enemies start closing in on Germany, her captors ensure she stays alive in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp to use as a negotiating pawn with the Allies.

DVD-R is in English with switchable Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 112 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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