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Arabic / Middle Eastern Films

DESTINY (Al-Massir) (1997) * with switchable English and French subtitles *

Youssef Chahine, Khaled Youssef Nour El-Sherif ... Averroes (as Nour El Cherif) Layla Olwi Layla Olwi ... The gypsy woman Mahmoud Hemida Mahmoud Hemida ... Al Mansour, The Caliph (as Mahmoud Hemeida) Safia El Emari Safia El Emari ... Averroes' Wife (as Safia El Emary) Mohamed Mounir Mohamed Mounir ... The Bard Khaled Nabawy Khaled Nabawy ... Nasser, The Crown Prince (as Khaled El Nabaoui) Seif Abdelrahman Seif Abdelrahman ... The Caliph's Brother (as Seif Abdel Rahman) Abdalla Mahmoud Abdalla Mahmoud ... Borhan Ahmed Fouad Selim Ahmed Fouad Selim ... Cheikh Riad Rogeena Rogeena ... Salma (as Regina) Magdy Edris Magdy Edris ... Emir of the Sect (as Magdi Idris) Ahmed Moukhtar Ahmed Moukhtar ... Bard Sherifa Maher Sherifa Maher ... Manuella's Mother Rayek Azzab Rayek Azzab ... El Razi Hasan El-Adl Hasan El-Adl ... Gaafar

SKU: 6227


THE EMIGRANT (Al Mohager) (1994) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Youssef Chahine, Rafik El-Sabban Youssra ... Simihit Khaled Nabawy Khaled Nabawy ... Ram Mahmoud Hemida Mahmoud Hemida ... Amihar Michel Piccoli Michel Piccoli ... Adam Hanan Turk Hanan Turk ... Hati Safia El Emari Safia El Emari ... Basma Ahmed Salama Ahmed Salama ... Berri Ahmad Bedair Ahmad Bedair ... Tut Sayed Abdel Karim Sayed Abdel Karim Yousef Ismail Yousef Ismail Karolina Keisar Karolina Keisar ... Bedouin Child

SKU: 6157


THE LEECH (Shabab Emraa) (1956) * with switchable English subtitles *

Salah Abouseif, Ahmad El-Sabawi Tahiyyah Karyuka ... Shafaat Shukri Sarhan Shukri Sarhan ... Emam Beltaji Shadia Shadia ... Salwa Abdulwareth Asar Abdulwareth Asar ... Hasabu (as Abdel Warith Assir) Seraj Munir Seraj Munir ... ElSharnoby Ismail Ferdoos Mohammed Ferdoos Mohammed ... Mother Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Abdelmonem Basiony Abdelmonem Basiony Abbas El Daly Abbas El Daly Suleiman El-Guindy Suleiman El-Guindy Mary Ezzeddin Mary Ezzeddin

SKU: 6181


THERE IS A MAN IN OUR HOUSE (1961) * with switchable English and French subtitles *

Henry Barakat Writers: Yussef Issa (adaptation), Ihsan Abdel Quddous (novel) Omar Sharif, Rushdi Abazah ... Abd El-Hamid (as Rushdy Abaza) Mokhtar Al Sayed Mokhtar Al Sayed Aziza Badr Aziza Badr Umran Bahar Umran Bahar Abdel Moneim Bassioni Abdel Moneim Bassioni Youssef Chaban Youssef Chaban Abdelbadie El Araby Abdelbadie El Araby Sayyed El Araby Sayyed El Araby Abbas El Daly Abbas El Daly Khalil Badr El Dein Khalil Badr El Dein Tawfik El Deken Tawfik El Deken Kamal El Zeiny Kamal El Zeiny Zahrat El-Ula Zahrat El-Ula ... Samia (as Zahret El Ola) Hussein Ismail Hussein Ismail Hosny Abdul Jalil Hosny Abdul Jalil

SKU: 6179


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