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THE DUPES (1972) * with switchable and hard-encoded English subtitles *

Mohamed Kheir-Halouani as Abou Keïss Abderrahman Alrahy as Abou Kheizarane Bassan Lofti Abou-Ghazala as Assaad Saleh Kholoki as Marouane Thanaa Debsi as Om Keïss

Set in the 1950s, The Dupes traces the destinies of three different men brought together by their dispossession, their despair and their hope for a better future. The protagonists are Palestinian refugees who are trying to make their way across the border from Iraq into Kuwait, the 'Promised Land,' concealed in the steel tank of a truck. Representing different dimensions of the Palestinian experience, each one believes he can make a new life for himself, but as the film’s title suggests, their flight is no solution. One of the first Arab films to address the Palestinian question, 'The Dupes' is based on the 1962 novella 'Men in the Sun' by assassinated Palestinian writer, artist and resistance leader, Ghassan Kanafani. Set in Palestine and Iraq, and filmed in Syria by Tewfik Saleh, an Egyptian director, the film was banned in several Arab countries due to its implied criticisms of Arab governments. 

DVD-R is in Arabic with hard-encoded AND switchable English subtitles due to the faded quality of the hard-encoded ones. Approx. 106 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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