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GIER (Greed) (1924) * with hard-encoded German subtitles *

Erich von Stroheim Writers: June Mathis Zasu Pitts ... Trina Gibson Gowland Gibson Gowland ... McTeague Jean Hersholt Jean Hersholt ... Marcus Dale Fuller Dale Fuller ... Maria Tempe Pigott Tempe Pigott ... Mother McTeague Sylvia Ashton Sylvia Ashton ... 'Mommer' Sieppe (as Silvia Ashton) Chester Conklin Chester Conklin ... 'Popper' Sieppe Joan Standing Joan Standing ... Selina

Artikelnummer: 6125


DESPERADO OUTPOST ( Dokuritsu gurentai) (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *

Kihachi Okamoto Makoto Satô ... Sergeant Okubo, alias Araki Izumi Yukimura Izumi Yukimura ... Prostitute Misa Uehara Misa Uehara ... Bandit Chieftain's Sister Tadao Nakamaru Tadao Nakamaru ... Aide-de-Camp Ichirô Nakatani Ichirô Nakatani ... Squad Leader Yôsuke Natsuki Yôsuke Natsuki Tatsuyoshi Ehara Tatsuyoshi Ehara Michirô Minami Michirô Minami ... Sakai Sôchô Mickey Curtis Mickey Curtis Chieko Nakakita Chieko Nakakita Michino Yokoyama Michino Yokoyama ... (as Michiyo Yokoyama) Toki Shiozawa Toki Shiozawa Akira Sera Akira Sera Ikio Sawamura Ikio Sawamura Akira Tani Akira Tani

Artikelnummer: 6225



Victor Fleming Writers: Owen Wister (by), Kirk La Shelle Gary Cooper ... The Virginian Walter Huston Walter Huston ... Trampas Mary Brian Mary Brian ... Molly Stark Wood Richard Arlen Richard Arlen ... Steve Helen Ware Helen Ware ... Mrs. Taylor Chester Conklin Chester Conklin ... Uncle Hughey Eugene Pallette Eugene Pallette ... 'Honey' Wiggin Victor Potel Victor Potel ... Nebrasky E.H. Calvert E.H. Calvert ... Judge Henry

Artikelnummer: 6407




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