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VILLAGE OF EIGHT GRAVESTONES (1977) * with switchable English and German subtitles *

Directed by Yoshitarô Nomura Writing Credits Shinobu Hashimoto ... (screenplay) Seishi Yokomizo ... (novel)Cast (in credits order) Ken'ichi Hagiwara Ken'ichi Hagiwara ... Tatsuya Terada Mayumi Ogawa Mayumi Ogawa ... Miyako Mori Tsutomu Yamazaki Tsutomu Yamazaki ... Yôzô Tajimi / Hisaya Tajimi Yôko Yamamoto Yôko Yamamoto ... Haruyo Etsuko Ichihara Etsuko Ichihara ... Kotake Ninako Yamaguchi Ninako Yamaguchi ... Ko'ume Ryôko Nakano Ryôko Nakano ... Tsuruko Igawa Yoshi Katô Yoshi Katô ... Ushimatsu Hisashi Igawa Hisashi Igawa ... Kanji Masami Shimojô Masami Shimojô ... Kudô Kôchô Takuya Fujioka Takuya Fujioka ... Kuno Ishi Jun Hamamura Jun Hamamura ... Sôkichi Mori Torahiko Hamada Torahiko Hamada ... Taichirô Yoshioka Junko Natsu Junko Natsu ... Kazu'e Hatsuo Yamaya Hatsuo Yamaya ... Bakurô Kichizô Junkô Tôda Junkô Tôda ... Koicha no Ama Hideji Ôtaki Hideji Ôtaki ... Suwa Bengoshi Tokue Hanazawa Tokue Hanazawa ... Isokawa Keibu Atom Shimojô Atom Shimojô ... Arai Junsa (as Atomu Shimojô) Katsuhiko Watabiki Katsuhiko Watabiki ... Yajima Keiji (as Kô Watabiki) Isao Natsuyagi Isao Natsuyagi ... Yoshitaka Amako Kunie Tanaka Kunie Tanaka ... Ochimusha (as Kuni'e Tanaka) Isao Hashimoto Isao Hashimoto ... Shôzaemon Yoshio Inaba Yoshio Inaba ... Ochimusha

Following the death of his grandfather, a young airport worker named Tatsuya returns to his family home in a remote valley and discovers that a curse has been placed on the village by the leader of a band of samurai warriors, who were brutally murdered there 400 years earlier. As the bodies begin to pile up, fearful villagers blame Tatsuya for the deaths, while an attractive widow named Miyako and a private detective called Kindachi help Tatsuya uncover the truth.

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English and German subtitles. Approx. 145 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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