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THE TURNING POINT (1945) * with switchable English subtitles *

Mikhail Derzhavin ... Col. Gen. Muravyov (as M. Derzhavin) Pyotr Andriyevsky Pyotr Andriyevsky ... Col. Gen. Vinogradov (as P. Andreyevsky) Yuriy Tolubeev Yuriy Tolubeev ... Lavrov (as Yu. Tolubeyev) Andrei Abrikosov Andrei Abrikosov ... Lt. Gen. Krivenko (as A. Abrikosov) Aleksandr Zrazhevsky Aleksandr Zrazhevsky ... Lt. Gen. Panteleyev (as A. Zrazhevsky) Nikolai Korn Nikolai Korn Mark Bernes Mark Bernes ... Minutka (as M. Bernes) Vladimir Maryev Vladimir Maryev Pavel Volkov Pavel Volkov ... Stepan (as P. Volkov)

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