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KRIEG UND FRIEDEN (War and Peace) (1982) * with multiple, switchable subtitles *

Stefan Aust, Heinrich Böll Jürgen Prochnow ... Kevin Günther Kaufmann Günther Kaufmann ... Mac Manfred Zapatka Manfred Zapatka ... Nikotai Karl-Heinz Merz Karl-Heinz Merz ... Ivan Heinz Bennent Heinz Bennent ... Joe Edgar Selge Edgar Selge ... Oscar Michael Gahr Michael Gahr ... Albert Bruno Ganz Bruno Ganz Angela Winkler Angela Winkler ... Margot Hans Dieter Trayer Hans Dieter Trayer ... Interviewer (as Dieter Traier) Axel-Torg Gros Axel-Torg Gros ... Narrator Hans-Michael Rehberg Hans-Michael Rehberg ... General

Artikelnummer: 6321


NATIVE LAND (1942) * with switchable English subtitles *

Paul Robeson as Narrator and vocalist (voice) Fred Johnson as Fred Hill, a farmer Mary George as Hill's wife John Rennick as Hill's son Amelia Romano as Window scrubber Houseley Stevenson as White sharecropper Louis Grant as Black sharecropper James Hanney as Mack, Union president Howard Da Silva as Jim, an informer Art Smith as Harry Carlyle John Marley as Thug with crowbar Directed by Leo Hurwitz Paul Strand

Artikelnummer: 6597



Directed by Charles Crichton Written by T.E.B. Clarke Michael Pertwee J. Elder Wills Robert Beatty as Father Philip Elliot Simone Signoret as Michèle Denis Jack Warner as Max Cronk Gordon Jackson as Scotty Duncan Paul Dupuis as Jacques Picquart Gisèle Préville as Julie James Robertson Justice as Ackerman André Morell as Abbott Eugene Deckers as Marcel van Hecke John Slater as Emile Meyer Peter Illing as Andrew Sybille Binder as Florence Malou Andrew Blackett as Frankie Arthur Lawrence as Capt. Verreker Directed by Robert Vas Laszlo Marton ... (writer) Robert Vas ... (writer)Cast Bill Collins Abdul Hamid Khan Tibor Molnár Leonard Ryland

Artikelnummer: 6514


TWO FILM DVD: DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE (The Hound of the Baskervilles) (1929) + JENSEITS DER STRASSE (Beyond the Street) (1929) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by Richard Oswald Written by Arthur Conan Doyle (novel) Georg C. Klaren Herbert Juttke Carlyle Blackwell as Sherlock Holmes Alexander Murski as Lord Charles Baskerville Livio Pavanelli as Sir Henry Baskerville George Seroff as Dr. Watson Betty Bird as Beryl Fritz Rasp as Stapleton Valy Arnheim as Barrymore Alma Taylor as Mrs. Barrymore Carla Bartheel as Laura Lyons Jaro Fürth as Dr. Mortimer Robert Garrison as Falkland

Artikelnummer: 6515




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